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ESP Disc Replacement Migration

Recently evidence of ESP Lumbar Disc Replacement migration has come to the surface.

This first x-ray was taken of an ESP Disc Replacement just after surgery.


This second x-ray was taken after one month.

Significant migration of the ESP Lumbar Disc Implant is seen.


ESP Disc Replacement Migration

Another ESP Disc Replacement patient comments

"I can see that my discs migrated ever so slightly when comparing my 2 weeks post op x-ray to my 3 month x-ray"

Any implant migration is unacceptable!

As can be seen, the teeth designed to hold this implant in place until bone growth can secure it are very small.

We can speculate that additional migration event have and will occur and caution post-op is advised!

ESP Disc Replacement

The ESP Disc Replacement is a mono-bloc total disc replacement implant that restores natural disc functions.

The ESP disc replacement is made of 2 titanium alloy end-plates and an elasto-meric cushion. The spikes on the end-plates outer surfaces improve primary fixation. The combination of a hydroxyapatite (HA) coating on top of a T40 rough surface are considered as one of the best existing coating. The titanium alloy used for the end plates allows clear medical imaging and guarantees good bony fixation over time.

  • Between the 2 titanium end-plates the elsatomeric parts are injected for controled resistance to compression, flexion and rotation. These elastomeric parts are concentric and their fixation prohibits micro motion. The materials used for the implants have been tested for biocompatibility according to the ISO standard 10993.
  • Minimally invasive anterior approach which allows reduced hospital stay and improves rehabilitation
  • Tested up to 40 million cycles
  • ESP should give a significant reduction in pain severity, re-establish lumbar curvature and natural disc functions
  • ESP allows quick return to normal daily activities

The lumbar ESP Disc Replacement


The LP-ESP cervical disc replacement has been developed to mimic the natural lumbar disc and allow the spine to behave as if the replaced disc would be natural in all situations.


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